The Brittons Academy (group 2) Journey

Project Film By Maru Rojas

To download a high quality version of this film click here

“What is the purpose of this art work?” #jpstart

The two workshops with the second group at Brittons Academy were centred around the theme of a “Journey”. What it can be, how it can be represented and how we all embark on different journeys all the time.

Various journeys were discussed; to school; the shops, even the journey from bed to bathroom in the morning.

Workshop @ Saatchi Gallery. February 2016.

Our students explored the meaning of Journey in every respect. They enjoyed a day off timetable where they could collaborate with each other, explore ideas and develop their final outcome ready for the finale in June/July 2016. Working with Maru at Saatchi ignited many of our year 10’s ideas for their won artwork.

Workshop @ The Brittons Academy. April 2016.

The workshop at school developed the theme of Journey even further. Students sought out to bring their ideas to life by experimenting with various materials; newspaper, toilet tissue paper, even time itself. Groups worked both outside and in to see their work come to life.

At the end of the day all groups came together to choose which work to take forward to the finale in Gillett Square.

Finale @ Gillett Square, North London. July 2016.



Our students thoroughly enjoyed themselves despite the rain. All groups got members of the public involved in the artwork. From ink footprints, to drawing a journey on the pavement and string obstacle courses disrupting the flow of pedestrians to a “Share your Journey” washing line.

Our year 10 students found it a helpful activity for parts of their GCSE coursework. Well done to all.



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