Artists and Teachers CPD

Through out the project Teachers and Artists will be meeting up, sharing skills and working together to learn and develop both professionally ans personally as arts practitioners.

CPD event at Alyward Academy 24.2.16

Teachers and artists working together to investigate large-scale sculpture/public art possibilities. We began with a catch-up of what has been happening so far, including the Artist Talks at the Gallery. The artists then gave the group an idea of what they are thinking for the final project. Jack then walked us around each of the stations he had set up in the sports hall, based loosely on the artists’ ideas. These areas of work included:

–          Portable artworks/work units (wood, poles, poncho’s, pasting tables, drill, screws etc)

–          Artworks you can wear/performance props (rolls of foam, fabric etc)

–          Zines and sketch books (paper, card, sugar paper, A1 sheets, tape, hammer, nails etc)

–          Rooms and structures (poles and joints, sticks and rubber, fabric etc)

–          Inflatable artworks (large fan and electric pump, tape, knives and emergency blankets)

Artists and teachers worked on their projects using appropriate work areas to develop ideas. Artists and teachers then had the opportunity to sit down together and finalise in-school workshops dates, what materials are available at the school and discuss the final project ideas. I think everyone agreed that this was one of the most valuable aspects of the session as it really felt like we were moving forward with the project!


IMG_8687IMG_8685 IMG_8682 IMG_8678 IMG_8675 IMG_8671 IMG_8660IMG_8677 IMG_8648 IMG_8645 IMG_8642 IMG_8636 IMG_8635 IMG_8634 IMG_8633 IMG_8629 IMG_8624  IMG_8621 IMG_8600 IMG_8595 IMG_8667



CPD event at Alyward Academy 08.12.15

Teachers and artists working together to investigate photography and moving image.




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Introduction event. Art Zone Enfield, London.2015.

Working together to get to know and critically engage with the artwork students will be encountering at the Saatchi Gallery.


Creating a collaborative public artwork that sums up our collective thoughts on the important of quality arts project in Secondary Schools.




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