Edmonton County School

Project Film by Ella McCartney

To download a high quality version of this film click here


Art installation at Gillet Square  – Dalston

IMG_6630IMG_6636IMG_6638IMG_6644IMG_6653IMG_6658IMG_6665IMG_7954IMG_7954 IMG_7957IMG_8325


Workshops in school with artist Ella Medley- Whitfield

Making props and activities for our interactive Art installation at Gillet Square.

IMG_1500IMG_1518IMG_1519IMG_1526IMG_1528IMG_1533 IMG_1535IMG_1538IMG_1539IMG_1553IMG_1557IMG_1571IMG_1592IMG_1634IMG_1612


2nd visit to Saatchi Gallery – Champagne Life Exhibition

Artist Virgile Ittah gave a talk to our students about her exhibition





SAATCHI GALLERY for EXp arts page April 2016


Visit to the Saatchi Gallery where the two groups worked together to create a walking gallery and viewed the  UKRAINE Exhibition 






First CPD for Edmonton County Teachers – camera techniques/stop motion/filters/selfies – Ms Shilvock and Mrs Jimenez






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