Project info/timeline.

Project Aims

Introduction to the Jack Petchey Start Programme in partnership with Children and the Arts

The Jack Petchey Start Programme aims to build long-lasting relationships between art galleries and schools, focussing on those in the outer boroughs of Greater London. This project will enable schools to travel outside of their geographical area to experience the best of the arts through engagement with prestigious Central London galleries. In doing so, students will experience a new environment where they can express their ideas, imaginations and personalities outside of the classroom.

Start Programme Aims:
· Introducing young people to the arts
· Inspiring them to learn more
· Enhancing their experience through critical analysis and participation
· Encouraging them to create their own art.
“At the heart of Start is the desire to make cultural venues accessible for a new generation.”

The Jack Petchey Start Programme and the Saatchi Gallery

Building on from the pilot project with 7 schools in Enfield, we are pleased to now be working with schools in Enfield, Haringey and Rainham to expand the programme.

The broad aim of the project is to introduce high quality contemporary art to students in a way that is inspiring, engaging and challenging.

We aim to equip students with the tools they need to explore art exhibitions, so that they may feel confident in visiting galleries.

We aim to expose the workings and processes of practising artists to the students through direct contact with professional artists.

We aim to give teachers a gratifying experience where new ideas can be tested and, if appropriate, be influential on their teaching.


We will be working with 450 secondary school students from 10 schools across London.

The project is lead by Rozenn Logan, Saatchi Gallery, and Jack Brown, lead artist.

We have picked 4 artists to work with the schools. Each artist will work with approximately 90 students.

The artists are:
Charlotte Young
Ella McCartney
Maru Rojas
Ella Medley-Whitfield

Each artist will work with 45 students from each school, which will be split in half to form two workable groups.
All of our artists have worked extensively with a wide range of young people, schools, museums, galleries and community projects. Each artist has their own practice which spans drawing, sculpture, painting, film and performance. We are looking forward to the artists bringing their experience and unique artistic practice to
this project.

End of project round up.

It has been amazing to see students taking hold of the ideas and concepts set out at the start of the project. Each school has been updating their own page on a shared project blog and the range and diversity of responses is really exciting. The artists have been able to bring aspects of their own practice into the classroom, allowing students to explore contemporary ways of working such as installation, performance and video. I have also led two CPD sessions for artists and teachers to share expertise, think about how they will work together and try out new inventive ways of documenting students’ work. At the end of our first CPD session we made our own piece of public art, a giant banner unfurled outside of Edmonton Green station, it read ‘Art is powerful, ignore it at your peril!’ -quite apt I think

Jack Brown, lead artist.


Project Timeline

the whole project at a glance

Teachers introduction event. Art Zone Enfield, London.2015.

Working together to get to know and critically engage with the artwork students will be encountering at the Saatchi Gallery.

Teachers and Artists also worked on a ‘working contract’ to get each understand what was expected of them during the project. The event ended with artists and teachers working on a large public artwork/banner.


Introduction workshops at the Saatchi gallery.

Each project artist met students from their schools, introduced their own practice, made new artworks and started to formulate plans and ideas for future workshops.


Teachers CPD – ‘how to record your project’ – at Alyward Academy 08.12.15

Teachers and Artists work with Lead Artist Jack Brown to think about how they might film/record/photograph their students as they worked. Teachers and Artists experimented with different filming techniques and discussed how they might create a film or their project.


Artists Talk at the Saatchi Gallery

Students from the Jack Petchey Start Programme visited the Saatchi Gallery over three days to participate in Artist-led talks. The artists involved were Alice Anderson, Stephanie Quayle and Virgile Ittah, who are all currently exhibiting their work in the Gallery as part of the Champagne Life exhibition.

In the morning the artists spoke to their groups, this was then followed by the opportunity for students to formulate questions for the artist about their practice.  Students had to listen closely as in the afternoon the groups were required to pair up with another school and teach each other what they had learnt from their artist. They did this through delivering short presentations to the other group and a Q&A session.


Artists workshops at school.

Each artist worked with students and staff in each school to create new artworks. A range of artworks were produced from large visual backdrops, installations, interactive games, a play, sculptures and painting. through these workshops staff and pupils recorded their work and posted images and footage on the project blog.


Teachers and Artists CPD meet up

For the second Teachers and Artists CPD event participants experimented with large scale sculpture, installation and interactive wearable artworks. During the workshop they experimented, collaborated and planned what would happen in the final school based workshops.


Final school based workshops

Project artists worked at their schools preparing for the final week of events on Gillette Square in Dalston.


Final Events. Gillette Square, Dalston. 

All Schools brought their finished interactive artworks to Gillette Square in Dalston. Each school worked in the square for half a day; interacting with the public, trying out their artworks, collaborating, creating new artworks in situ and even a world premier of a play!


Screening of Project Films, the Dugdale Centre, Enfield. 

Throughout the project teachers, students and artists had been collecting footage, films and photos of their project. Everyone involved in the Jack Petchy Start programme were invited to a special screening event at the Dudgale Centre in Enfield.

To see each schools finished film, please navigate back to this blog main page and click on a school’s page.

photo 3photo 2photo 2 (1)photo 1 (1)photo 1photo 4

Who made this possible

The Jack Petchey Foundation

Jack Petchey has a vision of a world where young people have high aspirations; the opportunity to develop their potential; the chance to be architects of their own future; to play a full part in society and to be valued and recognised for the positive things they achieve.

They enable young people (aged 11 – 25 years in London, Essex & the Algarve area of Portugal), to achieve their potential by inspiring, investing in, developing and promoting activities that increase their personal, social, emotional and physical development.

The Jack Petchey Foundation draws on the ideology, vision and values of its Patron Jack Petchey CBE who epitomises the saying: “If you think you can, you can!”

 The Jack Petchey Foundation has supported the Jack Petchey Start Programme to build partnerships between Greater London Schools and Central London Galleries, who without this project may never meet. The two project delivery partners are the Saatchi Gallery and the South London Gallery.


Children & the Arts

Children & the Arts was founded by HRH The Prince of Wales with the fundamental belief that every child has the right to be inspired by the arts. The charity’s UK wide arts engagement programmes work with deprived children from areas of social and economic disadvantage and builds partnerships between their schools and local high quality cultural venues.  The charity takes children on a journey into their local arts venue and unlocks the arts for those who need to be inspired by them the most, raising children’s self-esteem and confidence, and nurturing their communication skills. Through the work of Children & the Arts, children learn that cultural venues are welcoming, accessible places to visit and since 2006 Children & the Arts has introduced over 300,000 children to life-changing arts experiences.



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