Aylward Academy

“Why do something that  leads to nothing?”

Project Film By Maru Rojas

To download a high quality version of this film click here

For the second workshop we planned how we would do for the final event on Gillette Square. First we started to work with the Year 7’s on the 1st presentation by writing down what we have done that seemed pointless to us. Then we went on to thinking about how the audience would react to what we were doing as it would be something that would lead to nothing.

We took part in an activity to get our brains working and then we moved on to the next activity, which was to separate the students into different groups for the presentations. Then we started the second half of the workshop with the Year 8’s and began with putting the students in to their roles. Next, we went on to practise and view what it would look like. However, it was cut short due to the rain which gives us an example for the question “What is the point of doing something that leads to nothing?”


In the duration of today’s workshop, the students of Aylward Academy were faced with the question,asked by the artist that visited the school,Maru Rojas “Why should you do something that leads to nothing?” This question came as a result of studying different artists,different art works and different viewpoints,which inspired them into giving it a go themselves. The artworks they studied were something that took effort to create but just for it in the end to be discarded. The ideology behind this was that it was created for a certain audience to witness and after they saw it,there was no longer any need for it. The first part of the workshop saw the students divided into groups of three,and each of those groups they had to use strings and scissors to change places of empty space into a sculpture. The second the part of workshop included the students in their groups of three,going outside into the playground and using chalk to colour in and around shadows,to mark the form that once occupied that space. The last part of the workshop,Maru Rojas asked of the students to come up with ideas of a piece of art to create that would attract the audience,and get large amount of people involved as a result. After the time limit for the brainstorm had finished,the groups of students were asked to share their ideas on what the design for the pieces of art will be and how it will be done.


In the Saatchi gallery we focused on what the people were describing in the pictures. We looked at a particular topic about that is  why would you do something that leads to nothing. So with talked with a woman that worked there. We all looked at this picture that featured Francis Alÿs, he was pushing an ice cube around mexico city.



On 21/11/15, Aylward Academy’s 7w3 and 8w3 went on a trip to the Saatchi Gallery in London.When we arrived, we explored and then we came across a room full of great paintings.There was a whole room full of Jamie Hewitt’s pieces of art.He made a huge selection of colourful and imaginative drawings and paintings.We came up with a quote ‘What is the point of doing something if it leads to nothing?’ after looking at Francis alys artwork of him pushing a block of ice throughout a city in Mexico.We came up with this quote because we discussed as a class, what was the point of him doing it if it leads him to nothing?

Written by-Ellie Taylor 7w3

Aylward’s Art Work



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